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Clare Wren is a talented actress born May 4, 1962, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. At 61, she has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, starring in various movies and TV shows.

She is best known for her roles in Steel and Lace (1990), JAG (1995) and Midnight Edition (1993). Clare is happily married to William Russ, and they have two children. Apart from her acting career, little is known about her personal life, including her height, weight, and net worth.

Who is Clare Wren?

Clare Wren is a famous movie star! She was born on May 4, 1962, in New Orleans. Clare is known for acting in many excellent movies and TV shows. Her most famous roles are in “Steel and Lace,” “JAG,” and “Midnight Edition.”

Besides acting, Clare loves to spend time with her husband, William Russ, and their two kids. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and gardening. Clare is very talented and kind-hearted, and many people admire her.


Clare Wren
Born Date:
04 May, 1962
61 years


Early Life and Beginnings in Acting

Clare Wren was a little girl who loved to act. When she was young, she performed plays with her friends in her backyard in New Orleans. She loved to pretend to be different characters and tell stories. She would use her mom’s old dresses and dad’s hats for costumes. Her parents saw her talent and supported her. They signed her up for drama classes at a local theater school.

Clare loved the acting class! She learned to memorize lines, work out scenes, and be a good team player. Over time, she became very good at working and decided to make it her job. She moved to Hollywood to become a movie star. Her first significant role was in a movie called “Steel and Lace.” People liked her acting, and she started to get more roles. That’s how Clare Wren began her journey to become the fantastic actress she is today!

Clare Wren Parents and Siblings

Let’s discuss Clare Wren’s family, specifically her parents and siblings. When Clare was a little girl, she lived in a house in New Orleans with her mom and dad. They loved her very much and were always there to help her.

When she started acting out little plays in their backyard, they saw her talent and supported her. They signed her up for acting classes so she could learn and grow. Clare may have brothers or sisters, as she likes to keep her personal life private. But we know her parents played a big part in her journey to becoming a fantastic actress!

Clare Wren Husband and Boyfriend

Did you know that Clare Wren is married to an incredible actor named William Russ? Yep, that’s right! William Russ is not only Clare’s husband but also her best friend. They like to spend time together, watch movies, or play games with their kids.

Sometimes, they act in the same films or TV shows, which must be fun! It’s like going to work with your best friend every day. William Russ also supports Clare in her career and helps her when needed. They are a great team! That’s what makes their relationship unique. Being married to your best friend sounds like a dream come true.

Clare Wren Children

Clare Wren is a proud mom to two kids! She and her husband, actor William Russ, share this unique role of parenthood. Clare’s children are an essential part of her life. Whether watching a movie together, playing games, or just spending time as a family, Clare loves being a mom.

She enjoys every moment, from the big ones, like birthdays and graduations, to the little ones, like baking cookies or reading bedtime stories. Clare is not only a talented actress, but she is a super mom, too! She says being a mom is like having the best role in a beautiful movie. Isn’t that sweet? Her children must be so proud to have a mom like Clare!

Clare Wren Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Clare Wren’s age, height, weight, and appearance. Born on May 4, 1962, Clare is 61 years old. She has a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes that you can’t miss. Her physical apperance is 37-27-37.

She always dresses up nicely for movie premieres and awards nights. Although she talk about her height is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weight is 62kg, we can tell that she takes good care of her health. She loves doing yoga to stay strong and flexible. She also enjoys cooking healthy meals. That’s how she keeps herself fit and ready for her acting roles.

Clare Wren Before Fame

Have you ever wondered what Clare Wren was like before she became famous? Before all the movie premieres and red carpets, Clare was just a regular kid living in New Orleans. She loved to play make-believe with her friends in the backyard. They would pretend they were in big Hollywood movies, wearing old clothes from their parents’ closets as costumes.

Clare enjoyed these pretend plays so much that she decided she wanted to be an actress when she grew up. Her parents noticed her passion for acting and sent her to drama school. Clare learned how to memorize lines, act out scenes, and work as a team there. These early acting experiences gave Clare the confidence and skills she needed to become a successful actress in Hollywood. So, kids, if you dream, work hard, practice a lot, and maybe one day, you could be a famous movie star like Clare Wren!

Rise to Fame through Notable Performances

Clare Wren became a big star because of her fantastic acting. People first noticed her when she acted in an excellent movie called “Steel and Lace.” Everyone thought she was perfect! Then, Clare got to work in a famous TV show called “JAG.” She had to memorize lots of lines and act out exciting scenes. She also worked in “Midnight Edition,” another great movie. After these, Clare got to work in even more TV shows and movies! People loved to watch her because she was so talented. This is how Clare Wren became a famous actress. She loved her job, and everyone loved her acting. Acting in these movies and shows was a big step in Clare’s journey to stardom!

Clare Wren Net Worth

You might wonder how much money Clare Wren earned from her acting career. This is called her net worth. Just like when you save your allowance, Clare makes money from her acting jobs and holds it. The total amount of money she has is her net worth.

While her net worth is estimated to $2million. But considering she’s been in many movies and TV shows, she has earned a lot of money. Remember, being rich isn’t just about money. She is rich because she has a job, a family she adores, and hobbies that make her happy!

Clare Wren Legacy and Impact

Clare Wren is more than just an actress. Her fantastic acting has left a significant footprint in the movie world. Can you imagine watching a movie without her? She’s like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae! She shows you can do anything you want if you work hard and believe in yourself. Clare is not just a movie star but also a supermom.

She balances her work and family life like a pro. She is a role model for both kids and adults. Her story teaches us that dreams can come true, no matter where you come from. Remember, Clare also helps people in need. She’s a big-hearted person who uses her fame to do good. Her impact goes beyond the movie screen and touches many people’s lives. What a superstar!

Clare Wren Future Plains

Clare Wren is always looking forward to the future! She plans to continue acting but also wants to explore more hobbies. Clare might try painting or even writing a book. She also dreams of traveling to places she has yet to visit. But most importantly, Clare wants to spend quality time with her family, making lovely memories together. Remember, the future is a book of blank pages, waiting to be filled with amazing adventures!


  • Clare Wren is not only a talented actress, but she also has several hobbies that she enjoys in her free time. Here are some of the things that she likes to do:
  • Reading: Clare loves to read. She often spends her free time diving into a good book. This helps her to relax and unwind after a busy day of filming.
  • Cooking: Another one of Clare’s hobbies is cooking. She enjoys trying out new recipes and experimenting with different cuisines.
  •  Gardening: Clare has a green thumb. She likes to spend time in her garden, planting and caring for flowers and plants.
  •  Traveling: Whenever she gets a chance, Clare likes to travel. She enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.
  • Yoga: Clare also likes to keep fit and healthy. Yoga is one of her favorite ways to do this. It helps her to stay flexible and focused.
  • Volunteering: Clare believes in giving back to the community. She often volunteers at local charities and events.

Interesting Facts About Clare Wren 

  • Clare Wren was born in New Orleans, a city famous for its music and food.
  •  She is known for acting in movies like “Steel and Lace” and TV shows like “JAG.”
  • Clare is not only a great actress, but she also loves to read books in her free time.
  • She has a husband named William Russ, who is also an actor.
  • Clare is a mom to two children. Being a parent is one of the most important roles she plays.
  • She likes to cook and try out new recipes. Maybe she makes some tasty meals from New Orleans!
  • Clare loves nature and enjoys gardening. She likes to plant flowers and take care of them.
  • Whenever she can, Clare likes to travel and explore new places. She’s probably been to some incredible places!
  • She does yoga to keep fit and healthy. It helps her stay intense and focused.
  • Clare is a kind person who believes in helping others. She often gives her time to local charities and events.
  • Acting, reading, cooking, gardening, traveling, doing yoga, and volunteering – Clare is a busy lady!


Do you have questions about Clare Wren?

Here are some common ones:

Where was Clare Wren born?

Clare was born in New Orleans, a city known for yummy food and great music!

What are some movies she has acted in?

Some of her films include “Steel and Lace,” and she was also in the TV show “JAG.”

Does Clare have a family?

Yes, she is married to William Russ, and they have two kids together.

What does Clare like to do in her free time?

Clare loves reading, cooking, gardening, traveling, doing yoga, and helping out at local charities.


We’ve learned a lot about Clare Wren. She is an actress from New Orleans, known for her roles in many films. She is also a loving wife and mother. Clare has had an interesting life with exciting acting roles and happy family times. She has made a significant impact in the acting world. We can learn from her story that hard work and passion can lead to great success.

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